"FAWN" Apple Butter Spread, No Sugar or Spice Added, Made with Fuji, Arkansas Black, Winter Banana, and Nittany Apples, 17 Oz. Jar

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Try our brand new FAWN apple butter made with 4 specific varieties of Kauffman's homegrown apples: Fuji, Arkansas Black, Winter Banana, and Nittany. Kauffman Orchards FAWN apple butter boasts only 2 ingredients: Fresh apples and apple cider. We make our all-natural Apple Butter right here on our 100 year old family orchard in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our apple butter production crew creates a rich, delicious flavor by using our old-fashioned process of cooking the fruit in fruit juices, retaining the natural sugars and fiber of the fruit. We take care to make it “just right”. And it’s healthy: it’s an authentic, homemade, small batch apple butter without any added preservatives or sugars. Apple butter isn’t actually butter and doesn’t have dairy in it; rather, it’s a fruit delicacy with a spreadable consistency like soft butter that’s delicious on bagels, crackers, toast, and ice cream. Kauffman Orchards produces several variations of apple butter (original, no-granulated-sugar-added, plain) and pumpkin butter (original, no-granulated-sugar-added). Eat to your health with Kauffman Orchards fruit butters. Try each of our new flavors of apple butter: BEAR, BUCK, and FAWN.

  • New "FAWN" Flavor Of Our Award-Winning Apple Butter: Made with 4 Varieties of Apples.
  • Features Apple Butter Crafted With 4 Flavorful Apples: Fuji, Arkansas Black, Winter Banana, and Nittany.
  • Made in the USA; Homemade at Kauffman Orchards in Small Batches with Simple, Healthy Ingredients.
  • Boasts Only 2 Ingredients: Fresh Apples and Apple Cider.
  • Rich and Flavorful; Wonderful on Toast, Bagels, Butter Bread, and Ice Cream.
  • Old-Fashioned Cooking Process Uses Kauffman Homemade Sweet Apple Cider and Creates a Rich, Delicious Flavor.
  • No Sugar or Preservatives Added; Eat to Your Health.

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