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Raw Cane Sugar from Kauffman Orchards is minimally processed to leave as many natural minerals as possible and give you a product that is healthier than normal white table sugar. Because raw sugar is not heavily refined, it has a higher molasses content than table sugar, which lends the raw sugar a rich, complex flavor. This sugar can replace granulated sugar on a 1:1 basis in any recipe. Or, use this Raw Sugar as a delicious and attractive topping for pastries, baked goods, and desserts. Buy in Bulk Quantities and Save $$$.Raw sugar comes from sugarcane, a type of grass which grows in the tropics. Many years ago, people in India and parts of Asia realized that sugarcane was naturally very sweet, and they started pressing it for the sweet juice and then drying the pressed plant. Given that raw sugar requires minimal processing, the raw sugar we consume today is probably very similar to that made in India hundreds of years ago.

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