Be Good to Your Father…

11th Jun 2018

Be Good to Your Father…

Your dad knows you just about as well as anyone. How well do you know your dad? Probably better than you think. Give it some thought. What’s his favorite music? What’s his favorite pastime? What’s his favorite food? This Father’s Day, why not spend time doing something with him that he especially likes? And while you’re at it why not get to know him even better by asking about his childhood, his college days, or when he learned to drive? moms, if your children are younger, this is your chance to guide them. Come up with activities along the lines I’ve just described. Not only does this behavior help them show their love for their dad, it’s also modeling behavior that your children can emulate as they get older.

A popular activity on Father’s Day is to go out to eat. Dining out is a great way to show your dad you care about him. Though, it certainly shouldn’t stop there. Are there other activities that your Dad would especially enjoy? Hiking? A museum? Shopping? Projects? The park? A day at the gym/spa? Some of these are obviously things you could give as gifts for a later date. Some of these activities could happen after your Father’s Day lunch, whether you’ve eaten at home or at his favorite restaurant.

If your dad likes projects, here are a few simple ones that you could do together on Father’s Day. Or if you’ve made other plans for Father’s Day, make a date with dad to work on these together in the coming weeks.

Tool Box | Gardening, Grilling, or General Maintenance - A pre-cut kit that you and your dad can build together. This nifty wooden tray-style toolbox is perfect for carrying your tools for just everyday work around the house or heading out to the garden with seeds, trowel, or pruners. As you can see in the photo, one idea is to include dividers; not part of the original design, but it can be modified to your needs.

Speaking of grilling, if you’re looking for some ideas, check out these links:

  • Grilling Tools: Some essentials for grilling. Check the list to see if there’s anything your dad needs.
  • Grill Kit: Outdoor Gourmet Deluxe Aluminum Barbecue Tool Set. Cuisinart has their version of the barbecue tool set here, here, and here.
  • Williams-Sonoma has a whole host of grilling accessories.
  • There’s always Weber.
  • Also, don't forget about Kauffman's own delicious Apple Butter BBQ Sauce for all his Grilling Here!

Butterfly House: Is your dad a naturalist? Why not set aside some space for butterflies? This butterfly house kit/plan gives you everything you need for a butterfly dwelling. This house and a few well placed plants will add beauty to any backyard. To attract butterflies you’ll also need to plant some essential plants that attract butterflies. Here are some resources to help you create your very own butterfly garden. More resources here and here.

Cardboard Imagination: Painted for complete realism, this project shows you how to build a cardboard model of the classic Airstream camper. If you’re still young enough to enjoy forts and building, this idea or any cardboard model might be just the thing for you and your dad to work on together. Refrigerators and other appliances often come in oversized cardboard boxes that are perfect for creating fun play spaces. If you haven’t bought an appliance recently, some stores might be willing to give you any boxes they might have on hand. When my boys were young, I made them a space shuttle, a little house, and attempted a tugboat (which was ok, but didn’t quite hold up like the other models).

Even if none of these ideas quite capture what your dad is into, you get the general idea. Spending time with your dad doing something he likes is a great way to get to know each other better and to strengthen the bond you already share.

Happy Father’s Day!