The Yellow Transparent, Good for Applesauce and Other Delights

Posted by Jeff Pauls on 14th Jul 2020

The Yellow Transparent, Good for Applesauce and Other Delights

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According to the Orange Pippin website, the Yellow Transparent apple is a “Well-known early summer apple, good for drying, freezing, sauce, juice and wine. Transparent pale yellow skin. Crisp, light-textured, juicy flesh. Very sweet flavor. [Keep in mind that it’s] not a good storer.” The above link also provides info regarding the apple’s identifying characteristics, possible uses, typical growth patterns, diseases it’s susceptible to, its relationship to other apple varieties and a number of other interesting facts.


Brought over from Russia in 1870, the Yellow Transparent apple was part of an effort to provide “cold-hardy” varieties to U.S. orchardists. The New England Apple Association has more of that story. Big Horse Creek Farm also has an excellent write up. Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite...

“[The] Yellow Transparent is one of hundreds of Russian apples imported into the United States by the USDA in the late 1800’s as part of a program to introduce very cold-hardy varieties that could be raised successfully in the coldest regions of Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and the Dakotas. Some of these Russian apples gained favor in different parts of the country but few were embraced so quickly or fervently as Yellow Transparent.” [...]

Applesauce and Dessert Recipes

According to our website, “most customers use our Yellow Transparent apples to make applesauce. However, apple pie is another delicious option, as [MrsZuzers@A Written Recipe and Recipe of Health] can attest. Apple crisp, apple cakes and other apple dishes [are a distinct] possibility for this notable heirloom variety! We here at Kauffman's would be delighted to hear how these apples perform in any of various usages.” Click here if you’d like to share a review.