The Core of the Issue

Posted by Intro by Jeff Pauls on 29th Oct 2019

The Core of the Issue

The Core of the Matter

A semi-sometimes feature. A compilation of sayings (and random greetings)-- original, old, half-baked (like the title), and/or finished. (Oh, and plenty of parentheses). Points for knowing (guessing) which is which.

Whether fair or foul

Don't make it more than it is.

Let your yes be yes and your no be know.

Bright is the sun,

without which there would

no shadow be.

Don't borrow trouble.

1"You sure must be strong;

And you feel like an ocean

Being warmed by the sun…"


Is it a problem if your cup overflows?

Or would you rather have it half empty or full?

Be not afraid of going slowly,

Be afraid only of standing still.

Although, sometimes one must wait for traffic.

Or, even draw a picture.

What's in your wallet (or cup)?

“You can't put the rain back in the sky.”

Do your loyalties make you lie?

They shouldn't.

Sup? Not much. You?

Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.

Are you being challenged?

Challenge is your friend.


Read those again. Make parallels to growing fruit in an orchard. (Yes, I used to be a Language Arts teacher.)

Simple Song The Shins

Are You Down Lucinda Williams

Pic: Nathan Dumlao