Summer Cider

Posted by Jeff Pauls on 3rd Sep 2019

Summer Cider

Have you tasted our Summer Cider? It’s brags a light, summer color, surprising you with new apple taste.

Every season has its signature food and drink. When do you drink lemonade? How about iced tea? What about hot chocolate? What’s the best time of year for big bowl of vegetable beef soup? When and where do you eat a foot long hot dog with all the fixings?

Let me guess, you pictured yourself on a shaded porch, a cool relief from the summer heat. Next, inside at your favorite table, it’s warm and cozy, snow whipping outside. And then it’s summer again. It’s hot and the Phillies are ahead 5-2. The seventh inning stretch and flag down the nearest hot dog vendor. Here’s to a win!

Growing up, one of the treats of fall and winter was hot apple cider. That tart sweetness, the hot cup warming your hands, and then the silky heat all the way down to your stomach. Summer often featured lemonade. Ice cubes would clink the glass as I swirled that sweet-tart drink, speeding it ever closer to the rim. 

Funny, just now, I had that same fresh feeling, not with lemonade, but with cider. Light in color and ice cold, my first sip dances across my palate. A quintessential drink, Kauffman’s apple cider, as it turns out, is appropriate for any season.

This sweet reality has a lot to do with apples and their seemingly unlimited variety. Each variety offers a different texture and taste profile. The sweet to tart ratio makes it possible for just about everyone to find a favorite. We have this very thing in mind when we press our cider. Every gallon takes advantage of this variety.

As every person has their favorite season, so it goes with apples. Different apples grow best at different times of the year. While they’re all apples, they all have their own “personality.” And the beauty of an apple is that it maintains that personality regardless of how you prepare it. That’s why, when you press apples, depending on what varieties are available, you can experience different amounts of sweet, tart, and color. Speaking of color, did you know that the skin of apples is what determines the color of the cider? Red Delicious apples are usually available from Mid-September through Spring. Their deep red skin is what can give cider that deep red-brown color. 

Mixing available varieties is part of the fun of pressing cider-- every combination produces something unique. But no matter the combination, your palate is never confused about which fruit it’s drinking. Your brain always recognizes it as a fresh, crunchy apple. So, to get a true picture of just how apples can work together, you need to drink cider year round. And our Summer Cider is a perfect opportunity to do just that.

So, get it while you can, because it won’t last long. It’s available for a limited time. We like to call it our Summer Cider. With no preservatives or additives, as always, it lives up to the Kauffman standard.

Kauffman’s Summer Cider-- Light on Color, Not on Taste!