Peach Fest 2019

Posted by Jeff Pauls on 6th Aug 2019

Peach Fest 2019

It’s that time of year again! Peaches are a’growin’--good old-fashioned Kauffman’s peaches. We’re in the thick of our peach harvest and would love to have you stop by for our Peach Festival, Wednesday & Thursday, August 7 & 8. It’d be a shame for you to miss out! Take a look at the way things unfold in the peach orchard during this beautiful time of year. Here’s a few pages from our book, Faith, Family, Fruit

If you liked the recipe on p. 54, check out the recipes on p.55! There’s a recipe for a refreshing Strawberry Cooler that’s sure to be just the thing for a hot, summer day. Or imagine sipping one on the back porch in the cool of the evening, only the breeze for company, the lazy dazzle of fireflies introducing a starlit night. The next day, switch it up with a Peach Smoothie, almost like drinkable ice cream! Oh wait, isn’t that called a milkshake? Speaking of ice cream, you’ll need some vanilla ice cream to go with the Peach Pie you’re going to make! And that’s easy, because you’ll be at Kauffman’s picking up the ingredients for these other recipes anyway, so you might as well throw a couple quarts of ice cream into your basket. ;)

Our book has lots of recipes. If you’d like to get them all, the book is still for sale here. Not only are the recipes great, there’s lots of great stories about Kauffman’s through the years. And as you can see, there are great pictures of everyone through the years as well. Here’s one more page. It features another recipe and some more glimpses into the storied past of Kauffman’s.

Stop on by! The peaches keep growin’ and growin’ and we’ll see you soon!