Love Conquers All The Golden Rule and COVID-19

Posted by Jeff Pauls on 18th Mar 2020

Love Conquers All The Golden Rule and COVID-19

At Kauffman’s, we value and appreciate the community we serve--both near and far.

Whether you first discovered us online and routinely order fruit and bulk food from us or whether you’ve been coming to our store since you were a child--you are our neighbor, and we truly want what’s best for each and every one of you. With that said, all of us, in our immediate community and in fact, across the globe, are living through an unprecedented challenge. The coronavirus, COVID-19, presents many unknowns. If there was ever a time to think of others and to practice the Golden Rule, that time is now. We have the perfect opportunity to demonstrate a robust love and kindness. However, it requires a careful attentiveness. As in the words of Jesus, when sending out his disciples, we must be “as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves.” Matthew 10:16 Along those lines, here are some of the actions we’re taking at Kauffman’s in an effort to do just that. We are taking precautions and would encourage you to do the same. (In fact, here's a very helpful article in that regard.) On March 13, 2020 our HR Director made us aware that if we experience symptoms of COVID-19 we should immediately contact our healthcare professional. We were alerted that we should not come into work if we experience symptoms that can include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. We were asked to seek medical advice if we develop symptoms, and/or have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19. He added this helpful reminder that HAND WASHING WORKS! And provided us with this link: Why Soap Works. On Monday, March 16, 2020 he gave us further information.

 “COVID-19 UPDATE: This past weekend researchers confirmed that even if one gets the virus they may show no, or very few, mild, symptoms. That will be the majority of cases. However, an asymptomatic person can unknowingly transmit the virus to someone in a high risk category. This seems to be the case with healthy younger people, and is a major reason for school closings. Preventing the virus from infecting high risk people is paramount because too many sick at once would overwhelm the healthcare system. A high risk person is usually older with what are called co-morbidities, or other diseases such as diabetes. Smokers are also at higher risk. This is what happened in Italy, boom, all at once. Getting through these times successfully depends on our individual behavior changes that include the basics of washing hands, coughing / sneezing into tissues (then immediately disposing them, followed by another hand-washing), avoiding tight crowds, drinking lots of fluids, and quarantining yourself if you do exhibit symptoms.

That being the case, please be sure to contact your doctor and follow instructions. So, in practical terms, as individuals we can make a huge difference. Imagine you are already infected but don’t know it because you have no symptoms. Rather than worry if you’re going to be the one getting the virus (you theoretically already have it), be more concerned about your not wanting to transmit it. Be aware, be courteous and well-mannered, be careful, and love your neighbor.

Supervisors & Managers please share the above with your direct reports and those who have no access to Slack. Thank you.

BTW, please rest assured that we will individually work with you who are now needing to adjust schedules, or having to make/pay for other arrangements because of kids being home from school. Please try to resolve the situation first with your supervisors, then managers, then Human Resources. This is a novel developing situation that will be managed as it happens. Thank you.”

And here’s one more thing for now. Social Distancing is one tool we can use to help everyone.

As our HR Director mentioned, we should “avoid tight crowds.” Just over the weekend, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control Prevention) recommended that in the foreseeable future, we should avoid crowds over 50 in number. And then, just today, that number was lowered to groups of 10 or less. You may have already read a lot about what should be or shouldn’t be done in response to the COVID-19 threat, I would ask that you take a look at this article that discusses Coronavirus social distancing: What's true and what's false (linked above as well). “The goal is to separate physically, not emotionally.” “We need to prepare to pull together, help one another and preserve social cohesion while we use social distancing to combat the virus.” While it’s very stretching and challenging, this pandemic is a reminder to be kind and mindful of one another. Opportunities to love often present themselves in ways we might not think of. When you are tempted to be annoyed, frightened, or angry--this is love asking for a chance to be expressed instead of giving into these destructive emotions. Practicing love has everything to do with what we do when faced with these choices to be selfish or selfless. What we do to--and for--others, is the very core of the Golden Rule. And the Golden Rule will help us beat COVID-19.