Farm to Market to Plate

Posted by Articles of Interest (Myles Poydras for The Atlantic) Intro by Jeff Pauls on 10th Mar 2020

Farm to Market to Plate

We at Kauffman’s are constantly working at ensuring that the food we grow, make, and sell is always pure, delicious and nutritious.

In that spirit, we want to recommend some books mentioned in a recent Atlantic article. Valuable and complex, food does not magically come to us out of the ether. It is an enterprise that says as much about us as humans as it does about our taste preferences. 

Check it out here:

The Books Briefing: Following Food From Field to Market to Plate

Examining how we farm, sell, and consume our food: Your weekly guide to the best in books

Here’s a brief excerpt: “The Way We Eat Now, by Bee Wilson, and Pressure Cooker, by Sarah Bowen, Joslyn Brenton, and Sinikka Elliott, both examine how and why processed foods have replaced home cooking, dissecting the social phenomena that shape Americans’ reliance on cheap meals. Michael Ruhlman’s Grocery focuses on the role that supermarkets play in the modern food landscape, detailing the evolution of these mega-stores for food and other home goods.”

Photo: Clay Banks