America the Beautiful

Posted by Jeff Pauls on 30th Jun 2020

America the Beautiful

There has been a lot going in our country these past few months. It’s not been easy. On July 4th we remember the day our country declared its independence. This year, let’s all be sure to spend some time reflecting on who we are and what positive contribution we might make to a neighbor or someone we don’t even know.

One of the privileges of life is that we’re free to give ourselves in service to others. And in many ways, we are able to do that more easily because we live in the U.S. As you ponder the beauty captured in these pictures, do so with a thankful heart. May our thankfulness inspire love for all of our neighbors...wherever we may meet them.

And be sure to explore all the links. They provide information and more beautiful scenes from these pristine natural landscapes.

Mount Rainier National Park by ArtTower on Pixabay
Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, Acadia National Park by David Mark on Pixabay
Wild Flowers, Acadia National Park by David Mark on Pixabay
The Rio Grande, Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park by David Mark on Pixabay
Everglade National Park by lucianachama on Pixabay
Cypress Swamp, Everglade National Park by skeeze on Pixabay
Iceberg Lake, Glacier National Park by dhban5 on Pixabay