A Reflection

Posted by Jeff Pauls on 8th Nov 2018

A Reflection

During a meeting the other day, we were discussing blog topics. It was mentioned that a possible direction could be presenting “How-To” kinds of posts. Or was that it? I’m struggling for the category to put it in so that we both know what I’m talking about. Maybe it could fit into the “Self-Help” category? The gist of the conversation was that there are certain things in life that present challenges and there are poor, good, and excellent ways to meet them. Why not write something that gives people some tools (hopefully good and excellent and not poor) to meet those challenges? So, maybe a post along these lines would fall into the “Personal Growth” category?

Does it matter? Trust me, what ended up on the screen in front of you is just a smidge of what went on in my head as I was trying to figure this out. You’ve just gotten a glimpse into the thought processes that happen as I ponder and decide what to write. Kind of scary, isn’t it? Upon re-reading it, it doesn’t sound as messed up as it felt. Regardless I’ll try to keep that kind of writing to a minimum.

So. What needs said? What would help you? What helps you through your day? What helps you be the self God made you to be? What helps you be kind to others? To love others? To be compassionate? To be strong? Honest? Creative? Hard working? Firm? Resolute? Yourself? You get the idea.

Should I write “5 Things Successful People NEVER Say,” or “5 Things To Do Every Day For Success,” or “5 Things Successful People Don't Do,” or “7 Things Highly Successful People Do (That the Rest of Us Don't),” or “7 Things Wildly Successful People Do Before 7:30 a.m.”?

No. I’m not going to write any of those things. One, those titles have already been taken, and it would be plagiarism, so I’ll have to think of my own. Two, no, but seriously, I don’t want to write something like that. There’s enough of it already. I don’t need to add to something that there’s already plenty of. If you do need something like that, just use keywords like, “7 things success.” And the number doesn’t matter...3, 5, 12, 14, whatever. I’ve read very helpful content by people such as Jim Rohn (on goal setting), Mel Robbins (5 Second Rule), and others.

And while their content could possibly be labeled “Success Literature,” it also touches on the very pertinent elements of what it means to be kind, helpful, real, and essentially a decent human being. One key point that I’ve taken away from reading some of these people is the futility and harmfulness of complaining. Complaining is a continued focus on the negative that frames life in such way that it often makes life’s challenges other people’s fault, crowds out creative thinking about possible solutions, generally brings other people down, and brings no movement toward improving matters.

So, here I am, right around 500 words. That’s probably plenty for now. I didn’t quite say what I thought I was going to (btw, that’s often how it goes). Maybe that will happen next time. And, yeah, there will be a next time. Every month or so, look for something that is hopefully inspiring, timely, or a helpful response to a particular challenge in life. It seems I always have something to say about stuff like that :). If it helps or amuses you, that’s great. If not, oh well, there’s plenty out there.

Til then, Happy Trails.