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Underwhelmed by supermarket produce? There's a reason.

It's not uncommon to be disappointed with the flavor of produce available at large chain supermarkets. Many times, this produce is grown and picked for optimal shelf life and appearance while pest management shortcuts are taken that only further the dependence on pesticide use. In the end, flavor and nutritional density are sacrificed. What if you could buy your fruit directly from an orchard where soil, plant, and ecosystem health were considered the foundation of flavor and pest resistance, where simply taking a bite of fruit is a memorable experience.

Orchard Updates:


To find out which varieties are available for purchase, call the market at (717) 768-7112


Peaches - Approaching Peak Season

This week's harvest: Flamin' Fury 9, White Lady, Red Haven, Nectarines, John Boy, Klondike White, the last of the Saturn (donut peaches).



Harvesting this week: Castleton

Available soon for purchase



Summer Rambo available soon for purchase



Harrow Delight soon ready to harvest



Pick your own peaches this weekend

Friday & Saturday from 10-4.  

For pricing and availability, visit www.kauffman.farm/u-pick

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