Kauffman Spiced Apple Butter, No Granulated Sugar Added, Excellent on Toast, Croissants, Grilling, and Cream Cheese Spread, Kosher, Non-GMO, 34 Oz.

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In 1911, our founder planted the first fruit trees in our orchard — 5 generations later, we’re still family owned and operated with award-winning products in major retailers across the country. But to make the most mouthwatering apple butter possible, we still do things the old-fashioned way: Unlike other apple butters, this one has NO sugar added, NO high fructose corn syrup, NO additives, and NO preservatives. And while others may have inconsistent taste and texture from harvest to harvest, ours always has the same, heavenly flavor every time. That’s because, after over 100 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about making delicious apple butter. First, we thoroughly wash apples that are freshly picked from our family orchard in Lancaster County, PA (the same one we’ve had since 1911). Then, we hand-select the apples to ensure you get the best ones (and none of the bad). Next, we add the ideal ratio of sweet-to-tart apples into the cooker for a precise amount of time. (By cooking the apples in their own juices, it retains the natural sugar and fiber and unleashes its rich, delicious flavor.) After that, we add our award-winning apple cider and some cinnamon for just the right amount of spice. Finally, to ensure ultimate quality and safe delivery, we still bottle EVERY jar by hand. We hope you enjoy our homemade spiced apple butter! Helpful Apple Butter Tips and Info: - Apple butter is more than just a spread or jelly to put on toast, bagels, or biscuits; use it to make a marinade, mouthwatering baked treats, or a finger-licking BBQ sauce! - “Apple butter” is like a concentrated applesauce. But because we cook the apples for several hours in its own juices, it starts to caramelize and release a richer flavor. The result is similar to a paste, jelly, or spread.

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