Kauffman Orchards Fresh-Picked Yellow Transparent Apples, Popular for Homemade Applesauce

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Orchard Experts. Believe it or not, you don't even have to drive to an orchard to get fresh apples anymore! You can just buy one of our premium Apple Boxes, packed with our homegrown, juicy Yellow Transparent apples, which are renowned for making a light-colored applesauce. Kauffman's is a family-owned orchard in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, established back in 1915 by Amos Kauffman, who had a vison to provide his local community with quality, fresh fruit that would enhance the quality of life for the American consumer. We still follow that goal, and today, the orchard is managed by the 4th and 5th generations of Kauffmans.Homemade Applesauce. Yellow Transparent is an old-fashioned, tart green apple popular for making a delicious, smooth, light sauce with a wonderfully attractive light color. It’s a favorite sauce apple among the Amish community in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County. This Apple Box contains premium, non-GMO, non-waxed Yellow Transparent apples, and each apple has soft, high-density foam surrounding it to ensure protection during shipping. The 8-count box contains approximately 2.5-3 pounds of fresh apples; the 16-count box contains approximately 5-6 pounds of fresh apples; and the 48-count box contains approximately 15-18 lb. of fresh apples. Shipping Note – We hand-pack each apple box with highest-quality apples, and we use shipping methods that provide a quick 2-3 day delivery to most of the 48 continental states. However, we have no control over distance to your address, nor over handling and temperature during transit. If the fruit arrives overripe and/or bruised, we most likely will not offer a refund, although you're welcome to contact us about it. Overnight and 2-Day Shipping options (chosen during checkout) are available to ensure that your apples arrive in the same fresh, juicy condition as when they were picked in our orchards. Refrigerate your apples upon arrival.

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