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Dutch-Jell, a specially formulated, all-natural fruit pectin blend, is brought to you by Kauffman Orchards. Dutch-Jell reacts with the sugars and the fruit's own acid to cause a jelling effect in homemade jellies and jams. It is an inexpensive alternative to name-brand pectins. Dutch-Jell has also been recommended by readers of Dr. Peter Gott's nationally syndicated newspaper column as an aid for relieving arthritis pains! Dutch Jell dissolves quickly in grape juice or other liquids (stir for 10-15 seconds). Customers tell us that they use anywhere from 1-2 tablespoons in an 8 oz. glass of juice. Dutch-Jell has a shelf life of over a year, and, unlike some name-brand pectins, it has no preservatives added. Wet Spring Instructions For Jams and Jellies: When making jam with high-moisture berries, the extra water in the berries dilutes the pectin, sugar, and citric acid. The end result is runny jam; the issue to resolve is not the pectin blend, but rather the extra moisture in the fruit itself. For these cases, one suggestion is to increase the amount of Dutch-Jell in the recipe by up to double – for example, instead of 1/3 heaping cup, use 2/3 heaping cup.

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